Bento- Japanese father’s my own box lunch

親父があさ5時に起きて作る弁当 Japanese father’s box lunch

Japanese father’s box lunch 365 days

Today is Sunday. No box lunch.

So next is a break first which I like usually.


Tea: Earl Grey With lemon

plate: muffin with cheese and baked sausages

This dish is one which Tenshin Jyuba who live in Kobe kita ward in Hyougo prefectures made.



I like the Earl Grey tea best.



I and my wife grow lemon tree in our small garden. We had a lot of unchemical lemons.

Thanks to sol.



Graham flour is best for muffin. Now we can buy muffin easily in Japan. When I was younger I only could find a muffin in the magazine and brochure for the tourist to Europe.

Thanks to globalization.