Bento- Japanese father’s my own box lunch

親父があさ5時に起きて作る弁当 Japanese father’s box lunch

Japanese father’s box lunch 365 days



With  spiced codfish

Side dish:

Fried  beaf and Chinese cabbage with oyster source and soy saurce

 Fried egg and boiled carrot

boiled fish stick included great burdock with Japanese popular taste

Boiled calli flower

 @Japanese popular taste means the taste of soy saurce and sugar and Mirin

The blue box is hashi box. A set of chopsticks are in the box. 

 Steamed yeast bun and pork paste with soy saurce and Chinese taste


Steamed yeast bun, what we call “Butaman”  Buta means pork and man means mantou.

Mantou is Chinese language. It means manjuu

 in Japanese.

It is very cold day today. But in my area sun shine is pouring over me. I live in southern area of Osaka. So warmer than Kyoto.