Bento- Japanese father’s my own box lunch

親父があさ5時に起きて作る弁当 Japanese father’s box lunch

Japanese father’s Saturday lunch


Today is day off too. So I did a lot of house chores like taking the bricks to the garden to separate the aria between the plants and the earth. Then I went to the South harber aria of Osaka what we call “Nankou aria” with my family. Yesterday I went to my parent’s house then Today to buy the cloths once a  year. The whole sale by Desant, famous Design and Character bland for the any sports. 

Unbro, Assics, Marmot, le quock, munsing wear and so on. Such a brand is very expensive usually. But three day of a year is extordinally very cheap. About one third. 

Really? That’ right. 

For example usual cost of the genuin wool pants for men is $150, but then I bought it for $50 with no consumption tax.

amazing! Wao!

Why don’t you come here.

the photo is a Japanese food, the rice with fried Oyster and egg with Japanese taste.

We call it “Donburi”.