Bento- Japanese father’s my own box lunch

親父があさ5時に起きて作る弁当 Japanese father’s box lunch

Japanese father’s box lunch everyday

 It’s day off today.

The world around me is moving usually.

The day after tomorrow my work will begin suddenly. The new year of Japan is called “Shougatsu” .

My Shougatsu is very busy because I want to do a lot of things. If possible I want to study languages. Now I am studying Italian and French at the same time. So interesting. I can learn a lot of things beyond studying English. 

 Let’s continue it. My near future plan will go through Italia to Austria by train. So I think that the good speaker of Itarian and German language will be the good travel, I’m sure.


Today’ s bentou is Yakiniki bentou. 

Baked beef and onions with barbecue taste.

This is taste good. It is just fit to rice.

Can you eat them?