Bento- Japanese father’s my own box lunch

親父があさ5時に起きて作る弁当 Japanese father’s box lunch

Japanese father’s box lunch 365 days

Now it’s 5:30 am Dec.14.2017.

I found the frozen Hamburg in the refuge. At the same time I found the mash potato salad. I decided to make it to gratan. So I put the cheese on it and into the special plate for the oven and baked it. But I forgot to put it into my lunch box. Oh my god! In my language Oh my Budda! 

The upper gratan is for my breakfast.



 Surmon flakes 

Side dish:

 Hamburg with demi taste and boiled carrot

main dish 

 Tempra  of fish meal paste and fungi boiled with Japanese popular taste.

Main dish:

Fried Oyster and carrot with Chinese taste

@Japanese popular taste means soy saurce and sugar and mirin, (a type of sake with low alcohol and high sugar content

@Chinese taste means the taste of soy saurce and  Chinese Chili Bean Sauce and sweet soy saurce.


Generaly the month included “r” in the spelling is better to eat oyster in raw safely.

January, February, March, ——-,December and so on.

Oppasitly May —-August are dangerous to eat it in raw, so we must eat it with heat.